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hour 19:00 (50 minutes)
day 29.09 Sunday
place GONDOLA Hall

music category Chamber music


Julien Martineau mandolin
Sylvain Blassel harp


Vittorio Monti Csárdás
Ludwig van Beethoven Andante con variazioni
Ludwig van Beethoven Adagio ma non troppo
Raffaele Calace Rhapsodie napolitaine
Ludwig van Beethoven Sonatina in C minor
Ludwig van Beethoven Sonatina in C major
Carlo Munier Caprice espagnol  Op. 276


Harp player Sylvain Blassel and mandolinist Julien Martineau will take their audience on an intimate journey. First, they will travel to Hungary, thanks to Vittorio Monti’s Csardas. This showpiece is famous and the melody is one of the most recognisable, even in popular culture. We will then move on to Italy with Raffaele Calace’s Neapolitan Rhapsody. The composer was also a virtuoso of the mandolin, so it is no wonder that most of his compositions were written for that instrument. Calace also composed pieces intended to be exercises. He even developed a mandolin method, the Schule für Mandoline – a book teaching the art. of playing the mandolin. We will visit Spain with Carlo Munier’s Capriccio Spagnuolo. Like Calace, Munier was a renowned virtuoso of the mandolin. He promoted the instrument and believed it deserves the consideration of professional musicians, not just street players and amateurs. He wrote more than 350 compositions for the instrument, all of which contribute to the body of music for the mandolin.

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