concert nr 37 / MICROCOSMOS

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hour 21:30 (50 minutes)
day 28.09 Saturday

music category Chamber music


Atom String Quartet
Polish Chamber Orchestra


Krzysztof Lenczowski Supernova
Dawid Lubowicz Ballada o śmierci Janosika [Ballad on the Death of Janosik]
Krzysztof Lenczowski Fale [Waves]
Mateusz Smoczyński Manhattan Island
Mateusz Smoczyński Cosmos
Michał Zaborski Melody of the Prairie
Mateusz Smoczyński Happy


The Atom String Quartet is an ensemble that defies classification. Despite being a classic string quartet – two violins, viola and cello, they are usually associated with jazz, and yet this is not their only style of performance. The group uses improvisation as a means to create a unique language. The concert performed at La Folle Journée will consist of compositions by members of the Quartet, representing various styles – from Tatra highlander stylings in Ballada o śmierci Janosika [The Ballad of the Death of Janosik] by Dawid Lubowicz to pop music references in Mateusz Smoczyński’s Manhattan Island. The Atoms will be accompanied by the Polish Chamber Orchestra.

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