concert nr 27 / VISITING INDIA

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hour 16:00 (50 minutes)
day 28.09 Saturday
place OMNIBUS Hall

music category Family age 6+


Michał Rudaś voice
Tomasz “Ragaboy” Osiecki sitar, dilruba
Piotr Malec tabla
Magdalena Niernsëë  khatak dance / host


traditional Indian music and dance


A proposal for children aged 6 years and up and for their families. This is a concert combining chamber and traditional music. On Saturday afternoon we will travel to South Asia to experience dancing and music. The artists will demonstrate the traditional instruments of India and show basic steps and moves of Indian dances.

Typical Indian instruments include the sitar – a plucked string instrument played with the fingers and a plectrum – a flat piece of wood or plastic used to pluck the strings. Other instruments heard (and seen) at the concert include the dilruba – a bowed version of the sitar, and tabla – two “pots”, one made of wood, the other of metal. “Visiting India” will be enhanced by a demonstration of Khatak – a traditional Indian dance. Khatak is danced by warriors with weapons before they go to battle.

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