concert nr 15 / ORIENTAL LISZT

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hour 12:00 (50 minutes)
day 28.09 Saturday
place GONDOLA Hall

music category Chamber music


Ihab Radwan oud, voice
Astrig Siranossian cello, voice
Nidhal Jaoua qanun
Nathanael Gouin piano


Franz Liszt Romanian Rhapsody
Komitas popular Armenian melody from the Osman Empire
Franz Liszt Consolation No. 3
oriental improvisations
Franz Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No. 3
Sayed Darwish Albi (Egyptian song)
Béla Bartók Romanian folk dances
Franz Liszt Capriccio alla turca sur les motifs de Beethoven


The qanun is a plucked string instrument. Its name in Arabic means “rule, rule, law, norm, principle”. The roots of the instrument probably go back to ancient Greece, which would explain its similarity to the zither. The oud is also a plucked string instrument, considered to be an ancestor of the lute, but with a much shorter, narrower neck. The oud is played with an elongated plectrum (a strip of metal or plastic), holding the strings with the fingers of the other hand against the fretboard. We will hear both of these instruments in Armenian works by Komitas, Egyptian compositions by Sayed Darwish and in improvisations. Between these works we will also hear works by western composers Franz Liszt and Bela Bartók.

Partnerzy Szalonych Dni Muzyki