Nidhal Jaoua

qanun, darbuka

Nidhal Jaoua graduated from the conservatory in Tunis, where he obtained his diploma in Arabic music and instrumental performance. Initially he remained under the strong influence of Turkish music and new performance techniques on the qanun originating in Turkey. Continuing his musical education in Tunis at the Higher Institute of Music, Jaoua discovered jazz and from that moment shifted his interests to world music, juggling various musical styles. He has performed with many vocalists, including Rachid Gholam, Ghalia Ben Ali, Wael Jassar, Françoise Atlan, Moussa Youssouf, Ishtar Alabina and Zied Ghars, at the same time refining his technique by attending numerous master classes, including at the Centre for Arabic and Mediterranean Music in Tunis and at Couleurs jazz with Fawzi Chekili. In 2009 he attended courses led by distinguished Turkish qanun masters, including Muslum Karaduman, as well as Halil Karaduman and Gokçel Baktagir. He took part in a world tour of ensembles playing fusion and world music, combining uncounted styles and genres, including oriental, Maghreb and Turkish music with jazz, funk, latino, reggae, rock, metal, twarab music from the Comoro Islands, as well as Sufi and Sephardic music, flamenco and many others. In 2010 the artist decided to expand his knowledge of musicology, undertaking studies at the Sorbonne in Paris and graduating with the title of Master de Recherche. Currently Nidhal Jaoua works in Paris as a lecturer. He is the co-founder of the Jazz Oil instrumental ensemble, playing Turkish jazz groove. He is also a mamber of several other fusion and world music ensembles (Nawather, Haydar Hamdi, Bab El West and N3rdistan), in which he is the vocalist and composer.


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