DesOrient Ensemble

Małgorzata Szarlik-Woźniak violin
Marta Maślanka cimbalom, santur
Klaudiusz Baran accordion
Bogdan Kupisiewicz guitars, flutes
Mariusz Puchłowski flutes
Robert Siwak percussion instruments
Michał Woźniak double bass
Tomasz Grabowski host (spoken word)
Joanna Płóciennik host (gestures)

The work and output of the DesOrient ensemble is the quintessence of film music – colourful instrumentation, precision and performing technique inspired by world music, yet strongly rooted in the classical sound.

DesOrient plays and records mainly the film music of Michał Lorenc – for such films as “Bandyta” [The Bandit], “Oficer” [The Officer], “Wszystko będzie dobrze” [Everything’s Going to Be All Right], “Wino truskawkowe” [Strawberry Wine] and “Statyści” [Extras].

They also feel at home with sung poetry, as is evident in an album of songs by Jacek Kleyff, which contains a new arrangement of his cult song Huśtawki. They have also worked with Wanda Warska and recorded Jerzy Wasowski’s song Fotoplastykon.

Their music could also be heard at the screening of the 1916 film “The Yellow Passport” shown during the Silent Film Fest in 2011. DesOrient also play live music composed by Michał Lorenc for the first restored Polish silent film “The Year 1863”.

They have performed with a symphony orchestra and choir in Michał Lorenc’s Missa Magna Beatificationis (the first performance of this work took place in Rome during the ceremony of beatification of pope John Paul II),and also in the Missa Criolla.

The ensemble is also eager to play world music, digging into the ethnic roots of the Balkans, Klezmer, Arabic, Persian, Latino and Polish music. This is where their audiences have the most fun!

This diversity and universal character of the ensemble’s reprtoire is not accidental, because each musician comes from a different musical backround and each has contributed something unique to the whole. Some are major concert hall virtuosos, while others are amateurs  who began playing as street musicians. All this is combined with the talent of Michał Lorenc, composer of film music who has dedicated many of his works to the group, inspiring them to continue their musical explorations.


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