Chopin University Big Band

Piotr Kostrzewa leader / host

The band was founded in 2006 on an initiative by Bogumił Gadawski and Błażej Sroczyński. In 2006–2012 the Band’s leader was Ryszard Borowski, with Piotr Kostrzewa taking over the position of artistic director in 2012. Since then the Band has appeared at the spectacular music events of La Folle Journée in Nantes (2014, 2017, 2019), La Folle Journée in Warsaw in 2014 (together with Gordon Goodwin) and 2017, at various jazz festivals, including Jazz Jamboree and the Siauliai Big band Festival, as well as performing in concerts broadcast on radio and television (an Academy Award Evening in Canal+; Five o’Clock in Polish Radio Programme 2 and a concert in the concert hall of Polish Radio Programme 3). In 2017 the Band performed in the home of the National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice. The ensemble’s recorded output includes seven CDs: L’historie du big band, Classic on Jazz, Big Band – a Swinging Christmas, I Got Rhythm and Dance, Frank Sinatra on his 100th birthday anniversary and a concert in the concert hall of Polish Radio Programme 3 and a guest appearance on Basia Trzetrzelewska’s latest release – Butterflies. Another concert recording was made and released this year at La Folle Journée – Carnets de Voyage, with a guest appearance by conductor-arranger Miho Hazama. The Band is a two-time winner andreceived the Grand Prix Big Band at the Festival in Nowy Tomyśl (2015, 2017). The Big Band was also one of the stars at the Lato z Radiem Festival in 2019.


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