photo: Tomasz Walkow

Capitol quartet

Beata Wołczyk Stroh violin
Dagmara Swystun Stroh violin
Dariusz Wołczyk Stroh viola
Kinga Chudzikowska Stroh cello
Piotr HHHHHałaj tuba / sousaphone (guest)

The Capitol Quartet was established to enjoy music, but above all, so that others could enjoy music.

The ensemble commands an extensive repertoire. Members of the Quartet are highly educated graduates of music academies, and even though they like to perform works of classical music, they are also keen to break outside the bounds of acedemic rigours to play pieces of a less serious provenance.

The Quartet was formed in 2006. Apart from their own music projects, they have been working together with the Capitol Music Theatre since their inception, taking part in performances of plays and at gala concerts and at concerts of sung poetry festivals.

Inspired by the writing of J.K. Rowling, their musical fairy-tale project titled “Szlama and Fairy-Tale Violitrumpets” received the Audience Toucan award at Nurt OFF 40. PPA.

The quartet was formed for that performance and used the unique-sounding Stroh violins, which were patented in 1899 and until the 1920s were one of the most important instruments in the studio industry. A tuba was added to the project to complement the sound of the other instruments.


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