Adam Palma

acoustic guitar

A native of Poland, guitar virtuoso, Adam Palma graduated with honours from The Music Academy in Katowice, gained a Doctoral degree at The Music Academy in Gdansk, and won “The Best Acoustic Guitarist” title in Poland in 2014. Adam is now also considered to be a British guitarist, and he is a guitar tutor at the University of Salford. Adam has recorded and performed with many top Polish artists including Ewa Bem, Edyta Górniak, Ewelina Flinta, Kuba Badach, Krzesimir Dębski, Leszek Możdżer and, since moving to the UK, he has performed with Al Di Meola, Tommy Emmanuel, Bireli Lagrene, and many more. His unique style mixes jazz, blues, rock, funk, latin, country and classical music. Guitar Player magazine featured Adam’s song RHEGED on the front page of their website in June 2017.

About the new album “Adam Palma Meets Chopin” No-one’s ever recorded the music of Chopin like this before – on the acoustic guitar with a plectrum. The album features a duet with one of the greatest’s Polish musicians and pianists Leszek Możdzer.

Chopin, as interpreted by the guitarist Adam Palma heard like never before with a more modern rhythmic approach as exemplified throughout the recording, is strikingly original! 
Chopin in Palma’s vision on guitar is highly unusual in the best sense both sonically and beautiful!  Whoever said Chopin is limited to the piano? Here Adam Palma takes a courageous leap forward to expand his interpretation with an instrument never before associated with a composer like Chopin! A dedicated work of passion! Bravo!’
Al Di Meola


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