To assist listeners in choosing concerts that interest them most, this year we have prepared special passes grouped by area of interest. Each pass consists of concerts carefully selected in terms of style to trace a musical path through the Festival, tailored to suit the individual preferences of our guests. This is a convenient way to participate in many events to get maximum satisfaction from the presented repertoire. Also, pass prices are about 25% lower than the total price of tickets to concerts comprising the path purchased individually.

The following passes are available:

The Festival in a Nutshell – concerts selected to showcase every type of music to be found in this year’s programme of La Folle Journée. This pass is perfect for those who want to get the most out of our festival and are open to symphonic music, recitals, early music and big bands alike. The pass includes meetings with the Festival’s greatest stars, but also concerts by the best music school ensembles. The bonus in this path is a ticket to the Festival’s final concert.

The Festival in a Nutshell path consists of concerts #7, #13, #17, #28, #41, #45, #57

Price: 82zł (individually 114zł) / buy now

For the Connoisseur – a proposal for the most demanding listeners, for whom La Folle Journée is an opportunity to listen to a pantheon of some of the greatest artists from around the world in the space of only three days. This pass guarantees a weekend of lively discussion about interpretative details and less-than-obvious ways to depict dance in music. Stylistically, the path provides an exceptional variety of genres, from early music to contemporary works. The concerts in the pass also enable convenient participation in other events during the La Folle Journée Festival, selected individually by each listener.

The For the Connoisseur path consists of concerts #12, #23, #30, #36, #46, #52

Price: 72zł (individually 102zł) / buy now

Weekend – All the hits, without any fuss and bother. An excellent way to spend a pleasant weekend with the most famous dances from the classical and film repertoire, with a hefty dose of musicals and jazz standards. An excellent first encounter with symphonic music. We recommend to complement the ticketed concerts comprising this pass with free events taking place in the Festival tent, especially concert #42, at which you will hear Ravel’s famous “Bolero” and concert #56 with flamenco music and dance demonstrations and workshops.

The Weekend path consists of concerts #9, #20, #25, #35, #48

Price: 60zł (individually 80zł) / buy now

The Alternative – an ambitious proposal for those who like to wander off the beaten path. An appraisal of carefully selected events that distance themselves from the mainstream of classical music to travel into territories of experiments with sounds and original combinations of styles. The path also includes interactive events that engage participants to undertake performative action.

The Alternative path consists of concerts #6, #27, #32, #43, #55

Price: 60zł (individually 85zł) / buy now

Through Time and Space – for those who are fascinated by the variety of dances around the world. The pass leads the listener through a wide range of national dances, from Balkan folk, through traditional Latin-American dance and flamenco, to the oriental sounds of Japanese music. The pass is additionally enhanced by presentations of historical dances from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. For those interested in early music we recommend to extend this path to include a performance by the Ricercar Consort (concert #12 or #41), which specialises in historically informed performance of music from the Renaissance and the Baroque. To further extend your participation in the Festival, we encourage you to attend free concert #56, combined with flamenco demonstrations and workshops.

The Through Time and Space path consists of concerts #5, #22, #30, #33, #54

Price: 60zł (individually 85zł) / buy now

Family – A proposal tailored for families, including children aged 7 years and up. The path shows, in an accessible way, masterpieces of classical and ballet music, as well as film music. It consists of only three concerts, which provides freedom of choice in planning attendance in Festival events to make it attractive to children.

The Family path consists of concerts #9, #15, #35

Price: 39zł (individually 51zł) / buy now

For a detailed programme please visit the Festival website:

TICKETS priced at 12-17 zł will be available at the Teatr Wielki – the National Opera box office, on-line at and and at Eventim and Empik locations.

PASSES will be available exclusively at, and at Eventim and Empik locations nationwide.

Tickets and passes on sale from 1 September, 9:00 a.m.
Admission to concerts in FOXTROT Hall (the tent) is free.

Szalone Dni Muzyki
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