Eitetsu Hayashi


Eitetsu HayashiWarmly applauded on all continents, Eitetsu Hayashi is currently considered to be the foremost specialist of the taïko the great Japanese drums which appeared in the country of cherry blossoms ages ago, together with the first Buddhist temples. In his homeland Hayashi is considered to be a true superstar. He has made his mark on the pages of the history of Japanese music thanks to his incredible virtuosity and physical prowess which have allowed him to achieve the pinnacle of this art in a manner absolutely without precedent.

In his youth Hayashi established a number of taïko groups. All have quickly achieved worldwide fame. Hayashi has been developing a solo career since the early 1980s, starting with a dazzling performance in New York’s Carnegie Hall. He is often invited to play together with some of the best orchestras, such as the Berlin Philharmonic and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. He was the first taïko soloist in history to play in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow.

Eitetsu Hayashi works together with many composers and musicians, including jazz musicians. He also composes and carries out numerous music projects. Hayashi has also recorded many CDs and DVDs.


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